A Software for Family Community, 2012/06,
with Homebuilder company

The last project of the R&D project for “OS Around the House” is a software focusing on the people living in house. This application is based on defined messenger, but promotes the frequency of contact within family member by juxtaposing with HEMS.


“ Information, communication, and emotion. ”

What is the definition of famility?

Information, communication, and emotion.

“Famility” – the last application around the house - concentrates on “family-ty”. In other words, this application intends to maximize the communication of family.
For the development, we cannot be careful enough to design “the sensible details such as framing information or the way of alarm to maintain comfortable and delicate distance within family member”. That means, we always kept paying attention to “information and emotion”.
We concluded that family in which various generations is mixed and complex mode of communication is formed as a unique group that needs elaborated information media, feed, and architecture.

Famility-3 types of applications

This product was the one of the outputs of the comprehensive R&D project which aims at visualizing “house” from multidimensional perspectives that starting from the goal to render the relationship between the house and the inhabitants long-standing from a from the side of software.

Maintain information as a remainder implicitly

The main function of this application is “displaying activity list”. This list interplays with other softwares, and indicate daily information; who turns on a light, the advertisement of the neighborhood supermarket, where the car is parked, how many people are at home now, in parallel. What important in this application is an experience that “an information is offered as a remainder implicitly”. (It turns into a delicate work covering structure, design, and animation effect.)

To supervise or to share modestly

When working with these private information, designing the framework of the information becomes important so as not to a cause negative reaction. Balancing output and input of information will weigh heavily – it matter of the shape of funnel – there are completely different attitude toward the entrance and exit.

The more detailed the information becomes, the more essential to offer “warm experience” that is seemingly opposite to static data to the users is emphasized.
Structuralizing this viewpoint inside information tool will be increasingly important, rather than reject as unreasonable.(Whereas, if “a natural flow of information” is accomplished by someone – of course, it is for “collecting data” – some can say this good design which has high affinity for communication is abused. This case overlaps with our previous project in Artificial Intelligent.)


“ Loose connection and experience. ”

Activity list

Famility displays all activity of family member all together. Since this list is linked with other home application; HEMS and gaux™, every status centering on the home is informed. The user, also, can make some communities beside “family”, such as “menage”, “neighborhood” and so on.


Famility can be used as ordinal messenger as well. You can access phone, activity list, and map seamlessly. Because activity list is put on higher layer in this software, we decided that messenger does not need to have unique functions.

Activity map

This map is reflected on the activity list. With minimal visual language and animated motion, the information about where family members are, the location of the supermarket who is on sale, and traffic conditions.


This is an extra function, but it will play an important role in graying society. This function facilitates the communication with one's physician and medical institutions.

Information and Emotion.
As the more detailed the information becomes,
we think “considering an emotion ” which is seemingly incompatible with static data.
It can be the order of communicating or how emphasize the information,
but delicate expression decide the entire appearance.


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A software for Family Community EXECUTIVE DIRECTION THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.
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