The Story of the next-generation biotechnology and the material history.

“The new history of materials with bio-venture”,
2015/10, Spiber Inc. & THE NORTH FACE

Encapsulating a story which is seemingly pluralistic with compelling storyline.
In the big presentation of next-generation material by biotechnology company, Spiber Inc. THE EUGENE Studio directed all visual aspects.


Framing and Transmitting an Extensive Story Beautifully.


A Super-advanced Biotechnology and Ethic on Nature
– Juxtaposition of Two Different Themes

The partner of this project, Spiber Inc. is a biotechnology start-up who researches and develops recombinant protein materials.
Their endeavor which analyzes not only spider silk, the toughest material on earth, but also, all of the natural activity on the earth over billions of years, and reproduce them artificially is fundamentally different from modern industry which depends on exhaustible resources. That means this technology which duplicates the natural system that accumulated in its long history, and produces a basic industrial material that is capable to be implied into various industries as much as it is needed, can be said a first step in creating future industry that update conventional materials.
This new manufacturer is attracting attention throughout the world in term of its potential to change and impact on our life and economy by alternating large part of petroleum product. (Spiber has been selected for participation in several national projects.)
Furthermore, what we think especially important is that this material has much more higher performance with low environmental impact – off course, it depends on how we will use it – and, conceivably give huge influence on our ethics of nature.

Whereas, since this technology which realizes their success comprehends multi-layered factors such as DNA/RNA analysis, big-data, and digital technology, the quality of information is highly complicated.

Because of these conditions, this time’s presentation was monumental project which heralds the dawn of new material and industry.

For this historical occasion, our mission focused on how to visualize the proximity of “the structural and philosophical difference from existing industries – IT industry like Apple and Google, or materials industry where petroleum is used as materials” and “contrast between extremely complicated large-scale technology and ethic on nature”.

+ Recombinant Protein Material

For more specifically, this research also aims at creating “platform for the new materials” which can provide endless variations of materials from protein which is made up of a combination of 20 types of amino acids.
Additionally, these materials would be substituted for 20% of alternate synthetic high polymers – such as synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, and so on – and possess phenomenal potential on market.
In this presentation, Spiber Inc. launched the world's first outerwear prototype made with the spider fibroin-based protein, “MOON PARKA” which is developed with THE NORTH FACE as the representative example of daily products. (The detail is explained below.)


“Creating an image that seems completely
opposite to technology industry.”

As the above, how to express “the structural and philosophical difference from existing industries” and “contrast between extremely complicated large-scale technology and ethic on nature” with compelling images was our mission.
As a result, we adapted two approaches; “to put a scenery in primitive nature — the footage that depicts the monochrome world of nature which has existed from ancient times – that looks opposite to forefront technologies purposely” and “to connect the outputs of research on history of materials to this ersatz spider silk elaborately”.

The motif of “scenery in primitive nature” was filmed in Shounai region in north part Japan.
Tsuruoka city where Spiber is located on is included as a part of Shounai region, and its surroundings remaining long-standing mountain worship and ancient landscape affect their cutting-edge technology and philosophy indivisibly.

The main visual of this project is derived from a monochrome video work, “SANSUI”.
This footage is an independent art piece, and draw its first breath when Eugene Kangawa (President of THE EUGENE Studio) and his private friend Mr. Sekiyama (Director and Representative Executive Officer of Spiber Inc.) hit it off to produce art work.

Inspired from the pilgrimage route of the mountain worship, Kangawa visited there by himself and captured tranquil images of night snow mountain, floating moon, whirling rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, endless sky, and picturesque icefall with exquisite composition by 5K camera.

This footage in which advanced technology and nature synchronize on various phases eventually represents the difference from conventional businesses as the main visual of this initial point of new industry.
The sequences composed with various natural elements were used at each phase of this project.

A superficial understanding of contents and the strategy is not adequate anymore; however, building up communion about philosophy with partners, and visualization arises from this relationship is what will be necessary for the coming society.



Research / Hearing


Schematizing fundamental messages and motivation. Concretizing structural and philosophical difference from existing industry.



Structure in visualization


Examining the key images and its expansion.



Refining all images


Polishing images with attention to various expansion.



Digital, space, etc.


Concrete evolvement after constructing images.

Structure of Information

“We found that the cole values of this presentation are the magnificent story.
The natural activity on the earth over billions of years is rediscovered and
manufacturer develops it for the our future by modern forefront technology.”


Compelling Scenario

At the begging of this project, quantities of technical data ware in front of us. However, as we deciphered these documents, we reached the conclusion that the magnificent story in which Spiber rediscovered the natural activity on the earth over billions of years and develop it for the future by modern forefront technology is the essential value of this presentation.
Therefore, we step into the next phase from envisaging the plot so as to make this profound story comprehensible to symbolizing the scenario.

Nature, human beings, materials, culture, high economy, modern industry, sophisticated analysis(by digital technology), reintegration ...

This story should start with the “birth of the earth”, not with well-known jokes. Since the Earth was formed billions of years ago, the nature, life, and the material appeared before human beings were born.
And then, our ancestors found convenient materials step by step – begin with stone tool, earthenware, glass, – human developed smelting technology.
The dominance of iron continued for a long time, and synthetic substances were invented. Through the experience of the two World Wars, the first petroleum products such as synthetic resin or nylon pervades every aspect of the life.

This new material was a great innovation in the history – especially for the society in which effectiveness is a golden rule, but the producing process of protein material is completely different from the petroleum materials industry.

This process is based on analyzing “the material that living things produced autogenously” with the DNA / RNA analysis advanced by accumulated technology. This information acquired from this assay is replicated by biotechnology. Synthesized spider silk has phenomenal toughness and artificial squid beak is as strong as steel.

The practical application of protein materials had never seen the light of day even though NASA, American force, and other famous companies have challenged.
Spiber archived to develop this impossible material for the first time in the world and they boast the highest rate of microbial fibroin protein expression in the world. One of the advantages of this dream material is that it turns back into the soil because of its ingredient. That means it has high biodegradability. Comparing spider silk and petroleum products, it is quite obvious which material has high environmental burden.

Off course its function is comparable or higher than conventional materials. Given this incredible potential, we think that Spiber’s development is adequate to say “Revolution of Material”.
In order to call audience’s attention to the dynamism of the story, we designed of typography and infographic ordinary and flatly.


Story and Visualization

After arranging and weaving a story, we step to the next stage: examining how to visualize these contents precisely and intuitively. We were needed to create designs accurately and beautifully, but paying attention not to disturb flipping the story’s pages.
Maintaining the delicate balance of “appropriate” quantity is not as easy as adding information.
To make perfect presentation, taking account not only one infographic, but also the space and environment where the slide will be displayed and atmosphere which the audience will share into polishing coherent design is inevitable. The followings are the examples of visual expression.


The Opening of Magnificent Story

pages 01/84

To inspire ceaseless history, the story began with the footage depicting the primitive nature of Japan in monochrome world. It will rewrite the fixed idea of biotechnology.

Recombinant Protein Material

pages 15/84

The structure of protein is literally endless as a consequence of the combination of nucleic acid sequence. Customizing Adenine(A), Guanine(G), Thymine(T), and Cytosine(C) realize to produce various materials.

Toughness of New Material

pages 26/84

It is much tougher than steal and carbon.

Spiber’s Library of DNA

pages 62/84

Within Spiber, 656 types of original proteins are designed and synthesized.

The Feature of R&D

pages 54/84

Five step feedback cycle is employed ; 1. Molecular Design, 2. Gene Synthesis, 3. Microbial Fermentation, 4. Spinning, and 5. Prototyping.

Market Size

pages 47/84

Illustrated market size of material industry. It would be a large scale even though when protein materials alter just synthetic high polymers is substituted,

Spun beautiful large-scale story, the fact that the transfer.


About Other Media

We consulted on digital realm too. We develop not only reproduction environment that does not vitiate traffic / resolution the 4K key visual and support for Retina, but also provide responsible design to enable various devices to play the video.

Considering story, features of R&D, and UX simultaneously.

The quiet technique so as not to spoil the story.

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Our department occasionally goes across the multiple digital realms. Without doubt, we emphasize basic technique; however, as the role of website is changing into providing information to telling a story or become presentation for public.,In these days, a capability to write the story and scenario is required


Print media

Our department sometimes engaged in physical visualization realms
such as printing media and sign as an extension of weaving a story.
There are no difference in the approaches to these substantial medium,
framing story, digital, spacial, and installation design, but all of these realms are consecutive.

Aspiration toward the Printing Media

Printing media is one of the essential factors to construct the consistent story for us. (Needless to say, we understand the importance of “chaos” for some occasions. ) Unlike digital field, printing media is vulnerable to external factors. Therefore, we elaborate to express an unified concept by evaluating each experience.

“Peripheral visual expression constructs
whole picture of the story reversely.”

We are always expected to intellectualize based on elemental knowledge such as fonts, characteristics of paper, structure of the book, etc. From these peripheral details often decide the whole story or worldview backward (or simultaneously). As for the layout of book or utility, for example, these details contribute to the entire idea.
Likewise, we occasionally collaborate with external professionals to create various printings. In this project, we provided art direction in which installed monochrome natural landscape in the background and simplified whole works not to overemphasize particular information.


Space and Retail Design

Depending on projects, we supervise the space and retail design drawing from the project’s context. Obviously, we are not professional architect; however, as digital and printing realms, our deign is coupled to whole all visible sections fundamentally.
For this project, we undertook the design of the venue of presentation, flag ship shop where “MOON PARKA” was showcased, and displays.

Supervising the Interior of
Flag Ship Shop and Display
For the flag ship shop of THE NORTH FACE, the Spiber’s partner of this joint work project, we designed special display which highlights “MOON PARKA” with images of primitive nature as if they are from Shan Sui.
    2015.10.10 FRI–2015.10.18 SUN
    2015.10.23 FRI–2015.11.01 SUN
    2015.11.06 FRI–2015.11.15 SUN
    2015.11.20 FRI–2015.11.29 SUN
    2015.12.04 FRI–2015.12.18 SUN
    2015.12.25 FRI–2016.01.10 SUN


The “thing to build a more direct communication and energy” residents to the concept, we have designed a home energy management system. Home energy management system. the concept, we have designed a home energy management system. Home energy management system.

Presentation Venue

Designing the venue of the presentation with one of Japan's largest LED display
In the venue of the presentation in Tokyo, we design tranquil space to accentuate the movie with large LED display.
As for constitution of the venue of presentation, we made it minimal so as to attract audiences’ attention to the footage and presentation. As the door open, the space design gave a compelling impression the visitor as if they stepped into a museum.

“Going beyond CI – impeccable communion of the worldview.
Today’s visualization is required to have interdisciplinary viewpoints besides technique.
Design rooted from profound mutual understanding be key of the coming society.”


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THIS PAGE IS DIRECTED BY VISUALIZATION Yumi Shimazu (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.), Takuya Uemura(Life Long Kindergarten)
TEXT & TRANSLATION Yusuke Nishimoto (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.)
MANAGER Masashi Wada (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.)
VISUAL Yumi Shimazu (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.), Shota Fuji, Takuya Uemura(Life Long Kindergarten), Mizuki Kojima, Goshi Uhira
PARTNER Spiber Inc.
“SANSUI” (ORIGINAL FILM) “SANSUI”,Super 35mm digital black and white film, 2 channel continuous projections,
Music by Marihiko Hara, Dimensions variable, 17m24s, 2015. In joint work with Spiber Inc. ©EUGENE KANGAWA
SOUND Marihiko Hara
CAMERA Haru Nakae (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.)
SUPPORTED Interviewed
Miyuki Watabe (Dewa Sanzan History Museum)
Yu Konno (Mountain aesthetic hermit)
Yutaka Honma (Chidou Museum)
Organize Back Country
Gassan Pole Pole Farm
Humio Yoshii
Atsuki Nagatani
Red Digital Cinema Camera Company