170 year of tradition and diversity of
contemporary fashion industry

Identify the World-oldest Educational Institution of Fashion as an International Brand. 2011/04 - 2011/12, with ESMOD International

Weaving a worldview of the world-oldest educational institution
derived from a film.

An Irregular Approach

Begin everything with
the story in a cinema

ESMOD is the world’s first school of fashion design established 1841, and expands their international network to include 21 schools in 14 countries. As the world of fashion gets diverse, they need to respond this big trend flexibly.
In commemoration of the 170 anniversary, we undertook their branding. In this project, we set the fragments of their story and caught on film so as to reconstruct their worldview.
In this time, digital and print design worked as a prop in this video work. This approach can be an alternative way to enforce the unity of design.

Print media as a prop

Especially in print media, we proceeded the design as if we cut them from a sequence. We designed text book, monthly publication and other media which convey the information of ESMOD, but they were expected to have a coherent and seamless story.
(* In order to cut the budget, we conducted various experiments in both printing and design including DIY, and we succeeded to accommodate a request from the client.)

Look at the each prop closely

The following pictures are the list of the printings which we designed in this project. We changed the designs every single month dramatically to create a fantastic impression. This strategy is one of the our purposes.
Also, while we worked on these printings, we kept in mind that to the receiver feel as if the letters are sent from the alternative world of the cinema.

  • The textbook
    used in the footage part 1

    Book, Printing process /
    Uncut edge.
    No process on the surface.

  • Brochure illustrating methods 2

    Book, Printing process /
    Silver stamping on the cover, uncut edge.

  • Student notebook used in the footage

    Book, Printing process /
    Carbon paper white stamping, Coating.

  • Monthly letter – Paper and envelope

    Paper Printing process /
    Paper embossing, debossing.
    Envelope Printing process /
    Black stamping.

  • Monthly technical magazine

    Paper Printing process /
    Tabloid format newspaper.
    Envelope Printing process /
    Gold stamping, blind letterpress, two single color printings.

  • Direct mail enclosing novelty

    Paper and Envelope, Print process /
    Paper embossing, lock stitch on rubber, charcoal writing on compression bag, thread, etc.

  • Brochure providing critiques of fashion and two types of envelopes

    Paper and Envelope, Print process /
    Envelop with two colors printing, pearl, prism, and white stamping.
    Newspaper style enclosure.

  • Summer letter (delivered by hand)

    Paper, Printing process /
    Board paper with white stamping, stamp, edged in board paper and fastened with a rubber band, golden button.

  • Booklet of graduate collection.

    Paper, Printing process /
    Wireless binding, 4 colors printing + twice black printing.

  • Invitation for worksop

    Paper, Printing process /
    Enclosure, special color, embossing by maximum pressure, golden stamping.
    Envelope, embossing same format as the enclosure.

  • Invitation for worksop 2.

    Paper, Printing process /
    Pearl and prism stamping on A4.


Imagine in every detail

Designing digital media

Incorporating with the worldview constructed through print media, we designed digital media as well so as to provide the same information. As a result, we created an archive website for graduate collection, special web site for admission, and owned media which a collects and provides technical know-how and basic information. Also, in order to optimize each devices’ visibility, we employed responsible design which is not popular in these times.

Media which delivers knowledge and
technique and collect them.

As the world-oldest educational institution of fashion, we founded a database, “MODE Lab.”.
This website works both for inside and outside of the school.

Archive of graduate collection 1

We designed a special website which collects all looks from graduate collection. We presided over direction for the movie during transition, shooting, web design, and coding. The detailed information will be shown by clicking the list.

Archive of graduate collection 2

This is the second special website for graduate collection. We presided over shooting, web design, and coding as well. In contrast to the listing type, this website shows various looks seamlessly.

“ After constructing a comprehensive worldview, we express the fragments with elaborately designed each media – this is the one of the our approach.
We have established a long-standing relationship after their 170 years anniversary. ”


THIS PAGE IS DIRECTED BY VISUALIZATION Yumi Shimazu (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.), Takuya Uemura (Life Long Kindergarten)
TEXT & TRANSLATION Yusuke Nishimoto (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.)
Visualize 170 year of tradition and
wide diversity of contemporary fashion industry.
Yumi Shimazu (THE EUGENE Studio Visualization Dept.)