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The Story of the next-generation biotechnology

Weaving “the new history of materials” with bio-venture.
2015/10, Spiber Inc. & THE NORTH FACE


Comprehensive Home OS –
New experience “interacting with house”.

HEMS OS “interacting with house itself”, 2012/04,
with, Homebuilder company.


Exploring “Reading”–
the Nature of an E-book.

New Model of E-book Application, 2012/09, Book Index.

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June 15, 2017 | News

New book featuring four Japanese artistic companies is published by Kobunsh.

Kobunsha published “Age of Art × Technology Creative Business changing the society” (by Daisuke Miyatsu), in which team lab, takram, Rhizomatiks, and THE EUGENE Studio are featured from the viewpoint of art history and business science.
Our recent projects are summarized. For more details, please see here. We hope you will enjoy this book.

April 02. 2016 | News

Living Research Conference with OMA NY, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, WIRED JP

In 2016, The Eugene STUDIO held “Agricultural Revolution 3.0”(*1) project which proclaim the vision of “New Agricultural City” toward the world. Based upon Kangawa’s script which illustrates continuous future of agricultural city, this project realized research in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, institutions such as Columbia University and University of Cambridge, a cinema like installation that collects advanced products as a prop from all over the world, and conference inviting guests from 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, OMA NY, etc..

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